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Wednesday November 16, 2011

4 Things Datuk Maznah Hamid Teaches You about Business

Datuk Maznah Hamid is one of the highly respected figures currently walking tall in the path of entrepreneurial success. More than 20 years ago, she made a courageous decision to acquire a security services firm which was going under and remarkably turned the company 'Securiforce' into a nationwide-recognised industry players.

Datuk Manzah Hamid

Dubbed as the Iron Lady, Datuk Maznah has since ventured into a range of other successful businesses that includes property, hospitality, food and beverages, consultation and event management to name a few.

What makes Datuk Maznah a more remarkable person is her generosity in sharing her success with the public and the younger generation. A much sought-after motivational speaker, she has made several appearances on television, radio, magazines and newspapers sharing experience, knowledge and wisdom in steering successful entrepreneurship ventures.

Here's what you can learn from Datuk Maznah Hamid:

1. Being a woman is never a weakness.

Coming from the so-called weaker gender should never be an excuse for a woman not to make it big in the business field. Datuk Maznah is a living testimony on how women can vigorously compete in a field often dictated by the opposite sex. She has chosen a niche where no other woman dare enter and exceptionally showcases her business talent. At the peak of Securiforce's achievement, Datuk Maznah was a boss to over 4,000 male workers and was a highly familiar face in an industry hugely dominated by men.

2. Money is not the greatest challenge.

Money—or more accurately, the lack of it—can be a major issue for someone aspiring to start a business. For a new entrepreneur, absence of experience and exposure makes the task acquiring financial help or loan even more daunting. But Datuk Maznah is a strong believer that anyone can start a business with a very small capital. In fact, she started her business two decades ago using her hard-earned savings of RM5,000, much lower than many would have thought. With streamlined management, prudent expenditures and smart marketing tactics, success will be imminent.

Your gender should never be an excuse

3. The harder the challenge, the better you get

Face it, this can be a tough world. Challenges come one after another. While we can make the best of preparation and due diligence, what comes next can really be beyond expectation. Some adversities may catch an aspiring entrepreneur by cruelly crushing the spirit. Datuk Maznah treats challenges not as a hindering factor, but a motivational drive. She once delivered one of her daughters in a slum without electricity. Since then, she determined to change her family's fortune. She knows one can only get tougher with challenges.

4. Always be ready to improvise.

In business, some creativity helps. Improvising certain aspects of business operation can facilitate sustenance of business especially during trying times. In the early days of her security business, the company often found itself having insufficient money to pay the workers' salary. To help mitigate the problem, Datuk Maznah offered to cook meals for her workers instead of paying cash. When the financial situation improved, she paid all back wages owing to the workers. There were times too when Datuk Maznah herself worked as one of the night-shift guard. If you are determined enough to taste success, you will find ways to create solutions to whatever issues that may come.

Zulkifli Musa is a writer and content developer. He is the editor of
SKOR Career, a Malaysia-based career news and development blog.

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