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Wednesday February 8, 2012

Living a dream

Gorgeous and bubbly, Adrina Osman runs Tri-Os Fashion Cafe, a boutique and cafe. She started her business with her sisters two years ago and it's been an amazing experience, especially when it's a family affair.

Adrina, the eldest of three girls, says the sisters' love of beautiful things was one of the reasons they opened the boutique, as they wanted to share this love with everyone else.

Adrina Osman, owner of Tri-Os Fashion Cafe, a boutique and cafe

The name of the boutique also represents the three of them, the "O" being for her father's name.

Enjoying life to the fullest is very important to the 27-year-old and she's happy to be able to live her dream every day. With the enviable task of traveling around Asia and parts of Europe to shop for a living, is it any wonder that fashion is such an integral part of her life?

We caught up with the recently engaged entrepreneur to talk about her passion for her work.

When did your passion for fashion start?

I think it started before I said my first word! My mother was an interior designer, and had an amazing eye for beautiful things. My sisters and I would always play dress-up with her things. Fashion has always been my passion, alongside enjoying good dessert! With support from my family and sisters, and wanting to share this passion for everything that's beautiful, that's how Tri-Os was born.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your passion?

That I get to live it every day! Opening the boutique has been the greatest thing for me, because now I can share it with others.

What would be a favourite moment?

There are so many, but the best would be setting up the boutique.

I love everything about it - the sourcing for items, design and talking to my customers. You meet interesting people every day.

What's the most challenging part?

Running a business is an on-going process. I have to keep up-to-date with the fashion world.

But we don't follow fashion slavishly. Everything we choose for the store is unique and beautiful. We listen to our customers and try to cater to their tastes.

Passion is...

Something you live with every day. You think about it, enjoy it, plan for it. Not everyone is lucky enough to do that, though.

How should people live their passion?

Take a risk. Unless you're lucky enough to already be doing what you're passionate about, it takes a lot of guts to just leave everything and go for it. Also, not many people can afford to.

But sometimes it takes just that first initial risky step, and you don't know where the road will lead you.

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