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About Lab Series Skincare for Men

Lab Series products

A global leader and authority in men’s skincare, Lab Series Skincare for Men is solely dedicated to men and their skin’s unique needs. Since 1987, the elite team of doctors, scientists and skin care specialists of the Lab Series Research Center has developed high-performance, technologically advanced skincare, hair and shaving essentials to keep men looking healthy, comfortable and well-groomed.

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A new level of clean
Effective cleansing is the essential first step toward healthy-looking skin. Lab Series advanced cleansers and targeted solutions wash away surface dirt, oil, cell debris and prepare the beard for a closer shave.

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Shaving, an exact science
Lab Series multi-benefit shave products are scientifically formulated to cushion, condition and soothe, providing a close, comfortable shave. The shave range is designed to answer every shaving preference – gel, foam, cream or electric.

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Skin’s first line of defence
The best defence for healthier-looking skin is daily moisturization and protection against environmental aggressors. Lab Series provides expert treatment formulas needed to protect and preserve skin’s appearance at any age.

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Expert body builders
Lab Series single-minded dedication to helping men look and feel their best extends to a collection of advanced hair and body products.