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Home for Big Feet

Posted by: Phat Mama Post(s) by this blogger

How many times have you gone into a shoe store only to walk out again looking like thunder because the sales assistant keeps telling you "no size" for every pair you liked?

I have, in-fact, one time too many. And the worst thing is it always happens during the sales.

I'm a size 8, that's 25cm in all. And depending on the design of the shoe, the size could even increase by half to one inch. Even that does not guarantee a good fit because the width of the shoe is another factor to consider.

When I was a teenager, I preferred boy's shoes because they were comfortable for my big feet. But when I wore them I got teased by friends who asked if I had always wanted to be a clown. I can't blame them because my feet looked enormous in those shoes and they stuck out like a clown's feet.

So if you are like me, my niece and my sister (they are a size 9), and my brothers and nephews (they wear sizes 12 and above), shopping for shoes must be heck of a problem. Shopping for big-sized shoes in Malaysia is like a joke. Most ladies' shoes, the most beautiful at times, only occasionally come in a size 8 or 9, if we are lucky.

At the end of the day when we are worn out from shopping, any shoe will do so we opt for the less flattering designs or wait until we fly abroad as the international markets are kinder to people like us.

However, while browsing the Internet one day, I might have solved our problem, well at least for the women in my family. Shoe site caters for women who "leave a larger footprint", as they naughtily put it.

Here's a 4-inch heel pumps made of pony hair and patent leather. This is one shoe it says you can dance in.

Shoes are available in sizes 6 to 15. A size 15 measures about 31cm in length. But the great news is, not only does this company stock bigger-sized shoes it also has shoes of different widths and there are altogether more than 60 sizes and widths (narrow, medium, wide and extra wide).

Shoes are categorized by Size, Width (Wide and Extra Wide) as well as Heels, Colors and Brands. The company will not even consider stocking on styles that do not have at least a size 12.

If you are a "boots" person, like I'm slowly turning into one, you need to have a look at the site's boots collection. It is seriously impressive and you can have a choice of fashion boots to functional weather-beaters, knee-high and mid-calf, zippered, stretch, lace-up and Velcro in colors besides browns and blacks.

Red and ready! Check out this Dress Bootie, Quanta from Moda Dress.

Shoes are divided into Collections (there are about nine) and Styles, which lists about 13. Although I don't wear clogs, those found on this site are pretty trendy, with designs you might not find in your local mall.

Casual Mule Cityscape from Cape Clogs is not only unique in design it is a sure head-turner.

Under its Trunk Show category, buyers are given a preview of the next season's styles. They can even place orders to have the shoes made for them in the preferred size and color. Best of all, buyers are not billed until the shoes are shipped to them. How great is that?

The site is currently having a clearance sale, offering attractive discounts on many designs. Brands carried include Hush Puppies, Elle, UGG, Moda and Maxine among others. The site assist buyers in deciding their shoe size by providing guidelines on how to measure your feet as well as giving a chart on international shoe sizes.

So if you are a "Big Feet" like me, here's your chance to satiate your shoe hunger.

If you've experienced a similar situation as mine, drop me a line. I would love to share your stories.
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