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Are you too Fussy?

Posted by: andrew william, 5-Jun-2008

We all have heard that ever so common phrase from well wishing friends, when they see that we are still single, wading through the period of our marriage zone. Well some of us choose to be single while others are so called, “ shopping” for their partners.

Beauty is fleeting, and charm deceptive, but the woman of a noble character is from the Lord

A person’s choice of a partner is affected by their personal background, social, financial and or spiritual needs. The choice also differs between the male and female gender.

Sometimes parents come into play; “will my parents accept my choice ?”, is the big question. We have all heard the horror stories of the In-Laws. So much of our decision is based on external factors rather than personal choice.

Sometimes we need to take stock of our thinking process. If you are old enough to get married, than you are adult enough to take the responsibility to make choices based on good principles and not out of personal or external bondages.

Is your knight in shining armour just for display?

Some rate their future spouses as if they are buying a product. You will never be satisfied with any choices that come your way. And the one you want, may be far beyond your reach. So if you are getting along in age and still have not settled down, and want to, it is time to re-look at your values and find that partner who is of good character, virtue and wisdom.

  • it is crucial for a wise woman who is ready to step into the door of marriage life to "shop" for the right person... i am saying this because of the current situation of surrounding where people are being affected of so many reasons and becoming mean/
    hence, to have long-term evrlasting happy marriage life it is essential to "hunt" for the QUALITY man....