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Surprise Party

Posted by: andrew william, 1-Aug-2008

Well, one of the nicest things your friends can do for you is to remember your birthday. But what tops it most is that they throw a surprise party for you. It shows that you are very special to them. It can be a delightful surprise yet embarrassing with you being the limelight and focus of attention.

Recently, the family of Arthur Kam ( the  prodigy drummer) family threw him a surprise birthday party. Quite a number of his close friends came for the party. I was asked to give a short speech followed by an announcement of his recent international achievement.

There was an elaborate dinner spread followed by Arthur jamming with some of the finest musicians in town.

I met Melissa Campbell in Arthur's party, she acted as the little princess in the movie, " Anna and the King"

The guests enjoyed the entertainment bit. The party was a blast. Arthurís family has always been behind him  which helped him become a success internationally.

I know someone who stopped celebrating his birthday years ago after his own family and close friends did not turn up for the party in spite of him inviting them over.

Forget about surprise parties, when they canít even remember, whatís there to surprise? I understand the principle that when you remember the birthdays of others and or celebrate it with them, they will remember yours. In his case, unfortunately it didnít work. I wonder why?

I remember the sad stories of Audrey Hepburn and James Dean whose parents were not there for them even when they sought after them after having achieved fame and fortune.

They had no one in their family to share their joy.