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You Are on Face book!

Posted by: andrew william, 22-Apr-2009

One of the most innovative communications of late to have superseded e mails, smses and voice messages is the Facebook. Many competitors have tried to emulate the Facebook but none have come close enough to its quality and professionalism.

Hardly anyone I know is not on face book. It is one of the most effective communication tools to share ideas, holiday trips, daily thoughts, what are you doing now, online gifts, puns etc. All your friends see whatever you post!

No disguise works on facebook, everyone knows who you are!

Although Face book has an amazing advantage of you learning new things from your friends, the biggest disadvantage is that you are basically exposing yourself. It could be innocent gestures or comments made, but can be taken seriously by others. You could put out a picture of you dating someone just to find out later your potential new just got the wind of it through someone she knew who happens to know you on facebook.

Someone I know was once interested in a couple of girls and couldnít choose between the two. Fortunately he hadnít made any move on both at the same time as he later found out they both knew each other well, through the facebook!