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True Identity

Posted by: andrew william, 28-Sep-2009

Most people struggle with the issue of their true identity. Some people go through life trying to figure out their true identity with the things they do or belonging to a particular society, race or culture. Some are convinced they are descendants of apes while other believe they are made in the image of God.


Once a professor of Harvard was doing a psychological study on identity. The fact is we know we exist but we are not sure if the other person does, said he. One of the students got up and said, "Sir, I don't know if I really exist �. To this the professor lowered his glasses and said," May I know who asked that question?


In order to ask the question if you don't know if you exist, you have to exist first.

Now that we know we exist, what is our true identity? You are born into a family and not in isolation. Your identity is who you are in relation to others. Although we are all diverse, we are one of the same nature, that is mankind. You identify yourself with the immediate family you belong to and that of being created in the image of God.

What is your true identity?


Some people do certain common things, so they believe that is what their true identity is. For Malaysians, we eat once a day. We start at 7am and finish at 11pm. For the Singaporeans, they shop, so that's their identity. Most people do things such as charitable work etc to fill that void that is in them and identify themselves by the charitable work they do. Sometimes people identify themselves by their profession.


Mother Theresa and Lady Diana both did charitable work. Lady Diana did it out of lack of love, rejection and hurt. When she died, they found a diamond ring at the cost of US250, 000 on her finger. When mother Theresa died, she had only two cotton saris and a plastic bucket to her name. During the nobel prize presentation to mother Theresa, years ago, politicians came up to the mic and said they could not achieve even a fraction of what this frail old lady has done.


When people asked Mother Theresa why she did what she did, she said all for one reason," For my Lord and savior". She found her true identity in the God she worshipped and therefore out of her relationship with her creator, she did what she did.