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A short Holiday in Singapore

Posted by: andrew william, 30-Nov-2009

I took a couple of days off for a holiday to Singapore to catch up with a good university friend of mine whom I hadn't seen for 10 years. I flew on Firefly Airlines, a propeller budget flight that was quite comfortable. The last time I flew in a propeller plane was in 1980 in India.


The mornings were rather free and easy, so I decided to explore the city by foot. I must say although the weather was hot, the brilliant town planning of having plenty of trees and plants interwoven between the concrete jungle made the walk from Raffles Place to Pan Pacific and thence to Little India a breeze.

Natural and concrete jungle intervowen


Later I met up with my long lost friend who took me to a really nice Indian restaurant in Dempsey road and to visit his family. He has a really cute 3 year old son who was looking forward to meeting his daddy’s old friend. It was good catching up with my friend as we reminiscent our old Uni days and the crazy things we did. It was fun

View from my friend's house where I bunked at


I bunked at another friends house who taught me some really good health stuff such as some very amazing not common physical stretches and miracle breakfast that turned my health around.( Although he is a lawyer by profession he is a formula 1 driver and a professional mountain climber) It increased my senses, removed my lethargy and took away all my body pain.


Will share that with you guys sometime…