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Fuel it Right

Posted by: andrew william, 30-Nov-2009

I remember a show at one time that was produced in the seventies for exercise. The host was Jack Lalanne. Well he is 95 years old now and cycles and swims everyday. He is very healthy and has no physical ailments whatsoever.

A friend of mine who is a professional mountain climber who is 45, last month attempted one of the most dangerous mountains in the world with one of the top mountain climbers who is 67 years old.

Jack Lalanne at 95

How do these guys compare to the average person on the street. We hear people getting all kinds of ailment and health problems when they pass 50 and by the time they are 60 plus, they have chronic health problems. We have come to believe that the most common treaded path is what life really is.

The human body is almost equivalent to a silverback African Gorilla. That animal can flip a sports car with just one hand; his main diet is plants and fruits. Where does he get his protein from then? How about a cow?  Have you heard of an animal getting heart attack ? (Maybe the domestic pets that are fed with junk by their owner. Would you feed coffee and nasi lemak to your pet dog for breakfast? How about a racehorse? Would you give it alcohol, let him smoke cigarettes and all the junk food you can think of or will you feed it with the best nutrition possible?

Well we have to decide for ourselves, how do we want to care for our bodies. The bible says, “all things are permissible but not all things are beneficial, food for the stomach and stomach for food, and God will destroy both”.

African Silverback Gorilla

If fried foods, junk and all the bad stuff is your daily diet, be careful cause eventually your body will get destroyed and the food you loved eating once will be restricted by your doctor. You will spend the rest of your life, eating bland food and suffer major ailments.

If we liken our body as an example, but not even close to, is a V12 Lamborghini. It needs high-octane fuel for performance. Drinking coffee is like asking others to push your Lamborghini, when it has enough stimulants in it to go on its own. Instead of putting high-octane fuel, if you start pouring kerosene, and some junk in the tank, guess how is your Lamborghini going to perform?

Take charge of your health while its still early, your body is your slave, it works for you, so fuel it right.