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Not Easily Broken

Posted by: andrew william, 4-Mar-2010

Last night I saw a movie on Astro called, “ Not easily broken”. I think it’s a great movie for married couples and non-married couples to watch.


The movie is about a couple and the ups and down of a typical married life. This movie is based on factual things that happens in a marriage. Its important for one to understand although we have heard it many times that marriage is not always a bed of roses, no one really knows how to guide couples in a long term successful marriage. It’s always a trial and error approach and an occasional visit to the marriage counselor’s office when things become irreconcilable.


Two things were highlighted in this movie, which I think is worth mentioning. The first, the counselor said, “ Two is better than one, when one falls the other can pick the other up and a chord of 3 is not easily broken”. The counselor continued to say the two represents the husband and wife while the third person is God.

Celebration of a new life together, whom God puts together let no man separate


The second cause in this movie, which happens in real life that can wreck a marriage, is the interference of the in laws. Either from the side of the girl or the guy, an in law should never stay under the same roof with the couples. That’s why in marriage ceremonies you will hear the saying, “for this a man shall leave his mother and father and cling to his wife and become one flesh”. A good friend of mine’s marriage ended up in divorce, because of her mother’s interference in the marriage.


So when you get married, unless for really unavoidable circumstances, it is always good to start well by getting the right counseling and learn to manage your life with starting your own family under your own roof.

  • I totally agreed with your comments. The movie was great in sense telling us that sometime when the people we love leaving us doesn't mean that he/she is no longer loving us.

    In Malay, we have a proverb say 'jauh bau bunga, dekat bau tahi' that tell us when we are living far from family, they alway has fond memories of us as compared when we all living under one roof.

    Wisdom in making decision is another critical factor in marriage. The scene of trying to commit adultery which later self decline only happened along with maturity and sincerity in marriage.


  • I do agree that married couples should stay on their own instead of allowing in-law staying under the same roof. Too many cooks spoilt the soup!