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Neil Patrick Harris: ‘Britney is fragile’

Posted by: Liz Ng, 14-Mar-2008

Actor Neil Patrick Harris did a run through on Tuesday with troubled star Britney Spears in preparation of her return to acting.


She is set to appear on Harris’ TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Spears will play a secretary opposite Harris.


After working closely with Spears, Harris said: “Being up close to her, she seems like a very sort of fragile, kind of complicated person; it must be very strange to live in her life.”


“She’s good. We did the run through on Tuesday, she seemed a little nervous, she wore the big sunglasses the whole time. I think that’s a bit of a security blanket. But she seems very professional,” Harris added.


The episode featuring Britney Spears will air in America on March 24.