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Proudly South African

Posted by: Phat Mama, 16-Nov-2008

Diamonds are forever, but not every one of us is lucky enough to have the luxury of owning every piece we desire. But still, itís never a bad idea to know whatís in the market.

Featured here are some of the pieces showcased at HABIBís recent four-day Out of Africa jewelry exhibition held at Bangsar Village 2, Kuala Lumpur.

The Out of Africa exhibition highlighted diamonds from the Proudly South African (PSA) factory in South Africa. This however is not the first time that Malaysians have set eyes on these exquisite gems. PSA diamonds entered the Malaysian market three years ago after HABIB and PSA became exclusive partners in 2006.

PSA is a prominent international name in the jewelry industry. It represents the allure and glamour of South African diamonds. It not only boasts high quality diamonds but is also the ďmonitoring bodyĒ for all diamonds produced in South Africa. It is the only factory in Africa to officially represent South African diamonds internationally.

Highly talented craftsmanship - the four Cs used to measure the rarity of the diamond are monitored and emphasized throughout the entire process in which the natural diamond is transformed into the perfectly shaped jewel. The rare and precious natural stone, which first arrived at the PSA factory, is under constant expert supervision during the cutting and polishing process

PSA also takes responsibility for monitoring companies carrying its mark. High standards are maintained through PSAsí stringent quality control. Product utilizing South African resources and meeting these standards can be identified by the PSA logo and the validation certificate.

The exhibition may be over but the gems can still be viewed at HABIB.
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