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Snaking into 2010

Posted by: Phat Mama, 21-Dec-2009

The year 2010 is just a few days away and my laptop decided to welcome it by breaking down. As a result these images of Carven Ong's Spring/Summer 2010 collection took a few days before I could post them.

Two of Carven's evening gowns in red.

Carven's latest collection is based on the characteristics of the snake - strong, bold and unique. The designer aptly called it his Snacas Spell collection (Snacas is an old English word meaning snake).

Each piece of evening gown from the collection has its own individuality - accentuating details using colourful beads, crystals and gems.

Bold and beautiful.

One main character that can be found in all the gowns is the snake-like design used as trimmings around the necklines, waistlines and the bodice.

Fabrics used are mainly silk chiffon, super crepe, duchess satin and lace. To keep the gowns looking alive and captivating Carven uses bright bold colours like red, magenta, gold, orange, turquoise, purple, yellow and royal blue.

Electrifying colours atract attention.

You might think grey and brown won't add "spark" on the runway but Carven proves you wrong when he sent the models down the runway strutting his long flowy gowns in colors of glossy grey and brown.

To Carven, "creativity knows no boundaries".